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Botox Raleigh

Botox Raleigh

Learn how our Raleigh Dermatology and Med Spa services can help you decide if Botox Cosmetic is best for you. Find out how Raleigh Botox can help YOU today!

  • Remove Crow’s Feet
  • Forehead wrinkles disappear
  • Remove Lines between the eyebrows
  • Get rid of lines around the mouth

What is Botox® Cosmetic and why does it work?

Botox is in fact a preventative measure which will generally stop creases from forming in your facial areas. As the human face makes different expressions, certain areas will crinkle and cause skin creases. Over time, these crease areas can become solid features on the face. Botox works by minimizing and even stopping these muscle contractions. The crinkling, and thus the creasing, is then minimized. Fewer crinkles equals fewer permanent creases.

The concept behind Botox is that it temporarily impairs the muscle activity, therefore not permitting you to make use of that muscle to its complete potential. When you are unable to utilize the optimum potential of that muscle it allows that location to rest. When that location rests, no more ongoing creasing. Very simple at the heart of it.

Botox – Not instant – but quick

With time, this will certainly soften your expression lines. In younger clients, these expression lines could easily be cleared up with one or two treatments of Botox. Older folks have been making these expressions for a lot longer, consequently their dynamic crease lines could in fact become engraved in blemishes that are considerably much more challenging to treat with Botox. For treatments of heavier lines, something like our Raleigh Restalyne treatment might be more appropriate.

So How Will It Work For Me?

Everyone wants to try something new before they buy it, but with something like this, it’s a little difficult. Thankfully, the fine folks at Allergan and BotoxCosmetic.com have this tool.  It isn’t exactly like getting the injections, but you certainly will get an idea of what kinds of wrinkles the procedure can remove or greatly soften.  You will need a webcam for this application.  Just follow here to open it up in a new window – Treatment Visualizer.

When To Start Botox

So the secret to Botox is starting early and not when those lines come to be obvious or pronounced at rest. With that all being said, it is never late to begin Botox. Still, many older patients will see awesome benefits from using it – which is why it is so popular among patients of all ages. Many clients will certainly begin Botox in their late 20’s and 30’s.

When it does happen, Botox gets bad press when it is “over done”, primarily by patient demand, from those that experience just what we call “wrinkle-rexia”. The average acquaintance should not know that you have gotten any kind of treatment, just that you look “soft, natural, well rested, and truly good for your age”.  Speaking of looking good – are you bothered with skin blotches? Dark patches – check out our friends over at http://beautifullighterskin.com to get some quick, but lasting results!

See more at WebMD on the Benefits of Botox.

Why Does Botox Work?

Now recognizing the value of starting Botox early, allow us to dive a little further into the science behind Botox. Botox is a protein originated from the microorganism clostridium botulinum that has top qualities of a neurotoxin. Botox minimizes muscle activity by obstructing overactive nerve impulses that set off too much contraction. It was FDA accepted in 2002 to use between the eyebrows yet it is often used in off-label areas to soften crow’s feet, forehead lines, and in the lower face to achieve the very best outcomes.

How Long Does It Last?

The results of Botox last usually in the area of 3-4 months and WILL vary in all patients and areas of the face. It takes anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to see the effects of the initial treatments – have to give those muscles time to rest and thus allow the creases time to stop creasing! The Botox shot procedure is extremely fast and can easily be done throughout lunch hour or in between assignments. Some practitioners will use ice or numbing cream prior to shot, to decrease pain. Usual side effects of the treatments include a little pain/tenderness and perhaps a bit of a swelling. Other much less common negative side effects are flu like symptoms, flabby eyelid, and heaviness in the eyebrows/application location. All negative effects of Botox are short-term without question, and they go away in a couple of weeks as long as all proper procedures have been followed. Generally, Botox is a very safe, simple, and efficient cosmetic procedure.

In addition to treatments such as Botox, finding good skin care products that help plump the skin will go a long way towards maximizing the treatment effect.  Obviously good skin care is essential for maintaining a youthful appearance. For some great products, check out some of the Michael Todd products – [adrotate banner=”9″]

UPDATE: Sept 11, 2013 – FDA Approves Botox for usage in removing “crow’s feet”

So the anytime you ask on your own, “Do I need Botox yet?” check out your current crease lines – and the earlier the better.

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